Brum and the Snow Thieves

Brum and the Snow Thieves

Brum and The Snow Thieves is the seventeenth and final episode of Series 3 in 2001.

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Air Date: December 27, 2001

Summary Edit

Brum gives chase when two baddies steal the takings from the Big Town ski slope. When the duo take to the slopes, will things snowball out of control, or can Brum put the baddies on ices?

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final episode of series 3.
  • The Ski Dome where Big Bad and his 1st Girlfriend take the money is Tamworth SnowDome.
  • A clip from this episode where Brum skis after the baddies was used on the CBBC Brum Superhero Challenge Awards on 10th December 2001 (before the episode even aired on 27th December 2001).