Brum and the Crazy Chair Chase is the tenth and the final episode of series 5. It is also the final episode of the live-action series

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Air Date: November 4, 2002

Summary Edit

Gorgeous Gordon has ordered a new remote control chair for his hairdressing salon, but it turns out to have a mind of it's own. Brum follows it to the Big Town Theme Park where it gets stuck on the roller coaster. Brum has only seconds to prevent an accident. Brum saves the day by crashing the chair into a pile of candyfloss and saves Gorgeous Gordon from a hair-raising disaster.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final episode of the live-action series.
  • This marks the final appearances of the characters that appear in this episode apart from Brum.
  • This marks the final time to take place at the big town and the motor museum.
  • This is the last episode where Brum is a small car; in the CGI series he's a big car.
  • The ride that the children are on is the buffalo mountain coaster at Drayton Manor theme park, Tamworth, Staffordshire.
  • When Gordon loses control of his R/C chair, it spins very fast. This is a reference to the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends episode, Tenders and Turntables.
  • When Brum goes on the roller coaster, this is a reference to the 1988 film The Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police Squad!
  • This is the second episode with the modified runaway theme, the first being Brum and the Snow Thieves.

Goofs Edit

  • Throughout the episode, we can see an exposed wire of rope pulling the crazy chair.
  • When Gordon's wig spins after spinning too fast on the chair, his left ear is frozen.
  • When Brum & Gordon are on the roller coaster, we can see coaster wheels attached to both Brum & the chair.