Brum and the Kitten Rescue

Brum and the Kitten Rescue

Brum and the Kitten Rescue is the first episode of Series 4.

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Air Date: April 8, 2002

Summary Edit

Granny Slippers' playful kitten, Lucky runs off into the Big Town, chasing after a ball of wool. She is soon stuck on the hands of the Big Town Clock. Brum saves the day by catching and reuniting her with her relieved owner.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of Series 4.
  • When this episode aired on BBC, it was renamed Brum and the Kittens.
  • The clock tower that Lucky gets stuck up is The Old Joe Clock Tower, the exterior of Birmingham University.
  • The sound effect of the fire engine siren was reused in Fireman Sam for Jupiter, (Series 6 onwards) and the sound of the fire station bell was also used in Brum And The Bank Robbers for the dynamite timer, as well as in Fireman Sam from Series 6 onward for the fire station bell.
  • This is the only episode on The Very Best Of Brum that didn't air in the USA.
  • This is the fourth episode in which the Big Town (West Midlands) Fire Service appears, the first was Brum To The Rescue, the second Brum and the Street Party, and the third Brum Goes House Painting. The Volvo snorkel truck that they use in this episode can also be seen in Brum and the Street Party, most of the Volvo badges have been removed however, most likely due to copyright concerns, they are present in the earlier episode though. In addition while the truck in this episode has Big Town logos plastered over the real fire service's logos the original logos are still visible in Street Party.
  • The scene with Lucky the kitten about to fall off the clock tower is a reference to the 1985 film Back to the Future.