Brum 309 - THEATRICAL THIEVES - Kids Show Full Episode

Brum 309 - THEATRICAL THIEVES - Kids Show Full Episode

Brum and the Pantomime Cow is the ninth episode of series 3 in 2001.

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Air Date: October 29, 2001

Summary Edit

Brum is in hot pursuit of two thieves, who have stolen a busker's money. Disguised as a pantomime cow, the baddies race through the Big Town Theatre. Can Brum the Superhero see through their disguise or will the baddies steal the show?

Trivia Edit

  • When this aired on BBC, The episode was renamed Brum and the Theatrical Thieves.
  • It is revealed that Mr. Brillo is the manager of the theatre.
  • This is Mr Brillos second appearance in the series,However he is different from first appearance,Due to him being played by a different actor.
  • The theatre that Brum is at is Cheltenham Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham Spa, Gloucestershire.
  • The scene with the baddies escaping in a pantomime cow costume could be a reference to the ChuckleVision episode "Night At The Theatre".