Brum 504 - PICKPOCKET POLLY - Kids Show Full Episode

Brum 504 - PICKPOCKET POLLY - Kids Show Full Episode

Brum and the Pickpocket is the fourth episode of series 5 in 2002.

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Air Date: September 23, 2002

Summary Edit

Pickpocket Polly and Magic Paul, the street performer, take advantage of the rich pickings in the crowd of onlookers. The baddies make their getaway with a bag full of swag. Brum saves the day by catapulting the baddies into the Big Town Fountain, keeping the crowd spellbound.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time we see Brum tied up to a post, the second being Brum and the Bank Robbers.
  • When Pickpocket Polly & Magic Paul open the washing machine door & it floods, this is a reference to the 1999 movie: Stuart Little made by Sony Pictures Entertainment who in 2016 got the us dvd rights to Teletubbies another show created by Ragdoll Productions and an anti-drug PSA from the USA.
  • Despite this episode only featuring on The Very Best Of Brum in the UK, it was also featured on the US VHS & DVD version of Soccer Hero. (In Blueland, it was also on Pickpocket & Other Stories 2007 VHS & DVD, only released in that country.)