Brum is an Ice Skating Star (1994)

Brum is an Ice Skating Star (1994)

Brum is an Ice Skating Star is the third episode of series 2 in 1994.

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Air Date: October 20, 1994

Summary Edit

When Brum is waiting for the traffic lights at the road crossing, he sees a pair of shoes that aren't familiar to him, then knowing that they are called ice skates. Then, he gets a truckload of snow over him from an ice cleaning machine, shortly afterwards, he brums inside a facility finding out that it's an ice skating rink for a ice skating competition happening later on in the evening.

Although not feeling too confident about being on the ice, Brum does make an attempt to try and skate with his four wheels, however, for starters, it doesn't go according to plan until one of the president skaters injures his ankle and can't ice skate. The other president finds a suitable partner which is none other than... Brum!