Brum To The Rescue (1991)

Brum To The Rescue (1991)

Rescue is the first episode of series 1 in 1991.

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Air Date: September 26, 1991

Summary Edit

Brum comes to the aid of a little girl when two bullies grab her balloons and ragdoll. They fly away and get stuck on top of a very high building. But when Brum gets stuck himself, it's up to the Big Town firemen to come and help him out.

A perfect pilot episode for a kid's TV show, "Rescue" introduces us to Brum for the first time, and the simple 10 minute structure of each episode where his inquistivity leads him on adventures in the Big Town (Birmingham, UK, where the bulk of the episodes are filmed) that will always end where they begin, the motor museum in Bourton on the water, Gloucestershire where he lives.

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