series grand 2. a new series of brum started on the 17/07/97 called series grand 2 narrated by tom wright with 59 eposots on the intro you see brum then the man opens the door and when he turns on the lights you get a close up of the light swichys then he polshis cars then he walks by brum who turns his lights on and secks spends and folows the man to the doors when he opens them brum goose to the big town past houses over brights and when he goose down the hill you here tom wright say "it has brums day for exploring the bigtown" at the end tom says"brum came bruming all the way home" and gose back up the hill back over briges and past houses and back in his lane then the man shuts the door and piks up somthing in brum and gose home the credits scrolle then after the credits brums right light lits up and then a ragdoll logo like the one of 1996 tods tv vhs taps on the end comes with a depper ragdoll fanfere like do do do do do do do do dowere and then the vci logo comes this series was made betwen series 2 and 3 to go back to the mane page click here Brum (Show)