Snow Thieves and Other Stories
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7th October 2002 (UK)

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60 mins

Snow Thieves and Other Stories is a UK/Australian/Dutch VHS/DVD release featuring three third season and three forth season episodes.


  1. Brum and The Snow Thieves - Two light fingered baddies steal the takings from the Big Town Ski Dome. When the crooks take to the slope, will things snowball out of control or can Brum put the baddies on ices?
  2. Brum and the Golden Loo - Bubble and Squeak, two Big Town baddies, steal the fabulous golden loo. Super-charged Brum chases them though the warehouse, but can he flush out the baddies?
  3. Brum and the Runaway Ball - When the Big Town workers accidentally drop a huge ornamental stone ball it trundles through the Big Town. Superhero Brum soon rolls into action, but will there be a catch?
  4. Brum and the Music Box - A baddie steals a beautiful music box from a class of ballet dancers. Will the baddie be tutu clever for our hero, or can Brum make her dance to his tune?
  5. Brum and the Bowling Alley - When the Visiting Man has his wallet stolen at the Bowling Alley, Brum is soon rolling into action. Can he bowl over Pickpocket Polly before she strikes again?
  6. Brum and the Pantomime Cow - The busker's hard earned money is stolen. Disguised as a pantomime cow, the baddies race through the Big Town Theatre. Can Brum see through their disguise or will they steal the show?

Goof Edit

  • On the description of Brum and the Music Box, it says "baddy" instead of "baddie".

Extra features (DVD version only) Edit

  • Top Secret Files
  • Bag of Gags

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