Soccer Hero and Other Stories
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27th May 2002 (UK) 5th August 2002 (Australia) 2006 (Australia) November 9th 2004 (US)

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51 Mins

Soccer Hero and Other Stories is a UK/Australian/Dutch/US VHS and DVD release featuring three fourth season and two third season episodes.


  1. Brum the Soccer Hero - It's the Big Town Soccer Final. When the visiting side kick up a fuss. Brum knows the score and skilfully pitches in to help the Big Town Team.
  2. Brum and the Rampant Robot - A home-made robot gets its wires crossed and speeds through the Big Town causing mayhem. Can Brum stop it from getting in a spin and tumbling from a great height?
  3. Brum and the Mobile Phone - When Scruffy the dog swaps his juicy bone for a businessman's mobile phone, Brum has to dig him out of trouble.
  4. Brum and the Birthday Cake - The greedy cake gang steal Sally's delicious birthday cake. Will the baddies scoff their yummy lot or can Brum bring them to a sticky end?
  5. Brum and the Splash and Grab - Two baddies make a splash and grab for the medals at the Big Town Swimming Gala. Superhero Brum is soon in at the deep end, but will he save the day?

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